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New Zealands #1 supplier of light up numbers to add a 'WOW' factor to your special event. 

These light up numbers can celebrate personal birthdays, company birthdays and milestones, weddings, proposals, engagement parties and exhibitions / expos! 

Letters + Words 

Our light up letters can add shine to any event, whether you want to spell out a company name, or initials for a wedding, we can almost do it all, including our most popular 'LOVE'. 


Mini Golf 

Our unique 6 hole Mini Golf course can add some entertainment and fun to your next event. We can build our Mini-Golf course to suit your event needs and available space, as well as adding personalised features. 


Our glowing bars will light up any event. They can be lit in a range of colours, and our curved or straight sections means they can work for any space. 

glowing bar .jpg

Mesh Backdrops 

Our mesh circular backdrops are a great base to add florals, lights, balloons or even our light up numbers/letters to create a focal point for your event.  

Contact Us 

For all Lumina queries and booking please contact us through the Diamond Event Hire email or contact form 

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